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I'm Frida Kabo, a Possibility Explorer and Lic. LifeSpider coach. Let me be your guide in the adventure of rediscovering yourself and the meaning of your life. I have the antidote to a life in frustration and confusion, it's called LifeSpider System, and with that we will create your map to a life of clarity, energy and meaning. Become the hero of your own adventure!

Start with reading the first free chapters of the life changing e-book 'Free Birds Fly'

This book is about how you can get where you want to go. It will give you an understanding of why people act the way they do and why you feel that they limit you. You will come to understand that the people who limit you don’t do it to hurt you; they do it because they don’t know how to protect and love you.

This is for you who are ready to evolve personally as well as contribute to the evolution of our world. It is for you who recognize that life has a higher purpose and are willing to receive higher vibrations that allow you to live your life in Passion, Peace & Performance.

Said by my clients:

"To be coached by Frida changed my life. I got the insight and courage I needed to change my life. I made changes that I really knew I needed to make but had not listened to. I’ve gotten to know myself in a deeper way and I’ve learned how to see all aspects of myself as positive, which means that my love for myself has grown. To understand my driving force and life purpose also brings the freedom to live a conscious life, with clear objectives and the knowledge that I’m on the right path. I’m very grateful for what the coaching has done for me."

- Linnea Eriksson,

"Are you looking for change? Do you feel a need to re-evaluate your life and who you've become? Then hop on this exciting and fun roller coaster into your being. It demands an open, curious mind and some courage but the reward is a toolbox that will help you take back control and create impact in your life and in the world for, most probably, a long time."

- Katja Handzic

"Being coached by Frida is a true joy! She gives you insights and other ways to look at yourself and your situation. You'll do the work yourself but Frida is there to guide you all the way. I can really recommend Frida and LifeSpider System!"

- Anne-Lie Höög


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