Different views on depression


What is depression or anxiety to you? Where is the line between normal and not normal? When is it time to get help?

The other week I looked at a very interesting documentary called ‘Sunny side of spirit’. It’s about the view on depression and mental “illness” in different countries. Coming from Sweden and living in New Zealand where both countries have a high rate of suicides and depression challenges, and also from my own experience with depression. This is really a subject that interest me. The documentary follows the Dutch woman Sunny to Accra in Ghana, Taipei in Taiwan and Salvador in Brazil. To see how the different countries view upon and handel depression compared to ‘the western world’. 

What strikes me is how hard we try to put everyone into the box of what is normal. I recognise it from my own upbringing and on the reactions of Sunny who leads the documentary. 

Five things that really resonated with me is: 

1. It is so important with human connection. Whether it is living with your family or a spiritual community. If you have people around you all the time there is no room to isolate yourself or your feelings. You are never alone. 

2. Let the feelings out. Let the feelings be acknowledged, let them out and move on. All the feelings are normal. May it be trough a religious ceremony or by talking to your family member or by the help of paid grievers. The important thing is to not hold it inside.

3. Put words on it and leave it to something outside of yourself. By separating yourself and not identify yourself with the state your in. It is also easier to let it pass. If it is trough religious entities or something else. 

4. Allow yourself to feel good and put time and effort into feeling good before you get sick. Eat well, connect, exercise, meditate or what ever you feel good about and you will feel good longer. Get the help and support you need before you get sick. You are important.

5. The world is a crazy place so be crazy in your own way. Don’t try to fit into the illusion of normal, there is no such thing. Don’t judge yourself or others. Keep an open mind.  

I really resonated with a lot of things in the documentary and if your interested take a look. (If you speak Swedish you can find it here: "Lycklig utan piller" )

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