One year on the other side of the world

Now it’s one year since we moved to the other side of the world. We moved because we wanted to try something else then Sweden and New Zealand seemed to be different but not to different. We knew the language, they have good schools and an adventurous lifestyle that was very appealing to us.

The move was not just about moving to another country but choosing a different lifestyle and reevaluate the life that we lived. We have made a lot of changes and it’s been a real adventure.

When moving a year ago it felt like someone had thrown our life puzzle in the air and it took about half a year before we could start to put it together again. We have had a lot of fun this year but it's also been hard. There where always a new decision that had to be made and new information that needed to be found. Where to buy our food, what to eat, what food existed here and not. How to live, sleep, transport. At one point I refused to take another decision because of decision overload. 


We’ve also had a lot of fun exploring this wonderful country and grown tighter as a family. Here are som memorable moments from the year: 


- The moment when dream became reality. When we stepped of the plain in our new country and the moment when we arrived here in Raglan our new home town. The sensation of freedom and a bit unreal feeling that we actually had done what we dreamed of and now could start our new life.


- Kayaking with hammer sharks. One of the biggest highlights of the year was when the hole family went camping at a beach camping with no electricity (=no computers or phones) and we even got to go kayaking and saw hammer sharks. I think there will be a rerun on the camping this summer.


- Get complained at by the fish and chips staff for not being polite. In Sweden we do not say please or thank you as much as they do here so when the lady with a grumpy tone asked our seven year old if his parents hadn’t thought him to say please, me and my husband looked surprised at each other realizing that we all needed to practice on that one. (And a little surprised at the lack of service)


- Getting a christmas tree in the middle of summer. The christmas celebration felt very weird and it was odd to plan christmas in the middle of the summer. We where not sure if we should or even could get a christmas tree but our seven year old wanted one, otherwise we did not have anywhere to put the presents, off course… We started asking around where we could find a tree. I had just started asking around when I got a message from one of the kiwis I asked saying he will take us to get a christmas tree. So he actually drove us one hour to cut down a christmas tree and then he drove us to the shop to get christmas decorations and then back home again. And our christmas was saved and we where truly touched by the generosity of taking the time to do that with us. 


- The people and sense of community.

This town has really been welcoming to us and we have meet so many great people this year both in real life and online. This really feels like a special place.


- The vacation trip to Sweden.

About two weeks ago me and the kids came back here from a month in Sweden. It was wonderful to meet my wonderful family and some good friends again. My brain felt so relaxed coming back to the well known. It was also a confirmation that we had made the right choice and after that month we where ready for more adventures. 

- And so much more..

What about the kids?

Before we left I did get this question when I told people about our plans and my respons was: -Yes we will take them with us. 

And I do get a lot of questions about the kids now. Off course I have thought a lot about how this affects them and it has been a real challenge for them, specially the seven year old who started school right away without knowing the language. It took him about a half year to settle into school and knowing the language so good that he could relax a bit. Our five year old picked upp the language a bit quicker and since they start school on the day they turn five here, he has now been half a year in school and he really enjoys it. Off course I don’t feel good as a mum seeing my sons struggle. But now they know two languages and hopefully have a sense of that anything is possible, that there is another way of living and that it is possible to choose. And the question is if they would prefer two parents who didn’t follow their dream because of them. If they will thank us or not is left to discover… 



I do not regret for a moment that we moved here and as for now we feel like we are going to stay here until the kids finish school at least. Off course there are things we miss, like family and friends but luckily there is Skype and vacations. We are looking forward to continue our adventures.



Thank you for reading!


Pleas share your thought and questions in the comments.


With dreams, love and adventure,

Frida Kabo

- Coach & Possibility Explorer


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