Connecting Circle

-A 5 week group coaching programme online for mums who want's to have a change.

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We meet online 5 Tuesdays 10.00 am NZT with start the 7:th of August.









Hello wonderful!

If you are reading this you are probably a human who also happen to be a mum and feels a bit frustrated. You have taken the roles that you feel was expected of you and forgotten how you want to live. Now you've gotten back some time for yourself when the kids have started school/Kindy. You could go back to work but feel reluctant to take that time from your kids. You want to be there for them when they come home and at the same time you feel that you can do and be so much more.

You have reached a new stage in life where you need to find new dreams and goals that excites you and give you energy. At the same time balance this with the person, mum, wife and human that you want to be. 

If you don't start dreaming and giving yourself some space, your energy will run out and there will not be enough energy for anyone. 

If this is you, read on:

Why am I doing this?

When I became a mum to my now 6 and 9 year old boys, the feeling I had of wanting more in life grew stronger. Now it was not only for me but for them. I wanted to do and be so much more and I wanted to show them and me that it was possible. At the same time, I felt lost in all the different roles I felt was expected of me to have. I had all the things that I "should" have and lost myself in the process. I knew something had to change. 

I thought that I was all alone in my thoughts and feelings and I have discovered that there are so many out there that feel the same way. Trough connecting with people and seeing that there is another way of living. My life started to change.

Fast forwarding to today: I have my own successful online coaching business that I can adjust around my family. Me and the family moved from Sweden to New Zealand in 2016 to try something else and we love it. I found what makes my heart sing and follow my calling to help people find the way they want to live their lives on their own terms.

I created the 'Connecting Cirkel' to offer what I wished that I had on my journey. To give you the tools and resources that have helped me and my clients. And almost more important the chance to connect, in a safe space, with other people that are in a similar position as you and want change.

FRIDA KABO - Lic. LifeSpider Coach & Possibility Explorer

As the first Licensed LifeSpider coach in the world and the only Certified Self Leadership Coach and Extended Freedom Coach in New Zealand, I work online helping people to find their own freedom, their own way of living and to create the changes they want to.


How The Connecting Circle works

The Connecting Circle is a 5 week group coaching programme online for mums who want a change.

We meet where you are

This programme is totally online to fit in with your busy mum schedule. Over the five weeks we will have five different themes with a coaching call Tuesdays 10 am. In the Facebook group I will present the material and you can ask questions, get support and learn to know the other participants. Find your next step and get the support to take you there.

Line out of The Connecting Circle

The Connecting Circle is a 5 week group coaching programme online for mums who are looking for the next step. This is how the outline looks:

Theme 1: What do you want?

We look at what you really want, it might not be what you think it is, and we get in the right feeling of getting there

Theme 2: Now

Where are you now? What is stopping you from doing what you want? How can you create a better balance between being a mum and letting you be you.

Theme 3: Support

Who do you surround yourself with, how does that effect you? How can you create the support you need? These are questions we look at during week 3.

Theme 4: What's in the way?

What is standing in the way to get you where you want to be? We'll look at self saboteurs and how to declutter.

Theme 5: Next step

What is your next step that you can take now to get what you want.

Said about the Connecting Circle:

"The Connecting Circle is a great group for connecting and exploring with other women about their wants, dreams and desires that have often been left in the background due to career, children, marriage. A special place to open up, be authentically you and create action strategies and awareness to move life in the direction you want."
- Lisa, New Zealand

"A beautiful supportive place/group where you can explore and talk about everything that is on your mind and important in your life. A place where your thoughts are valued and you get support to grow and learn about yourself and others. I am more clear on who I am and what I would like to be and feel like and have already made changes to be more of that. More “me”."

- Camilla, New Zealand

Why this will work for you:

Don't have the time? We all have the same amount of time and you decide what you want to do with it. By really figuring out what you want to do with your time and getting your energy back you will have time for more in the same time after this course. 

Feeling guilty to spend on yourself? For you to be able to be there for others you have to start being there for yourself. When you find what gives you energy and joy, it will benefit everyone around you. 

Will this give me what I want? This will help you figure out what you want and help you take the steps you need to take. Only you can now what you want and this process will help you with that. 

Imagine when...

You know how you want your life and are taking steps towards it. You have the support around you that you need and tools to look at what comes up. How does it feel to create the life you want to live?

Included in The Connecting Circle:

A 5 week group coaching programme online for mums who are looking for the next step. including:

- 5 Group Coaching sessions
- 5 themes to work on each week
- Facebook Group to keep the contact during the weeks
- And resources for your needs.

With this coaching programme I wanted to keep the price really low because I know how much difference it can make. And I wanted to lower the threshold to start investing in yourself. You are important! So I charge a commitment fee because the best results will come for you when you are committed.

I'm Looking forward to create this Connecting Circle with and for you. See you on the inside, welcome!

Commitment Fee

199 NZD

One time fee

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Still have questions?

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