Find the meaning of your life and live the life you are meant to live

Live the life you are meant to live, knowing who you are, what you want, making a difference in the world while feeling your inner strength, curiosty and freedom. Frida Kabo's live events, coaching programmes, and courses will help you find your own answers so you can let all of you shine.


Events and Retreats Spring 2019

I do a lot of my work online so I'm now excited to plan more in person events for the New Zealand Spring 2019 and I'm excited! So looking forward to share the info with you, click the button and sign up if you want to be the first one to know when I release updates.


Business Boom

Are you done creating human babies? Is it time to create your very own business baby? Here is the support I have appreciated and wished I had when I started my business.

Create freedom trough business is one of my life intentions in my own LifeSpider. It's something that is really important to me, something that I have done for myself and now is helping others with. I believe that the everyone have something unique to contribute with. So what are you waiting for? Lets create a business boom!

Free Intro & Mindset Shift Video

Start with the first free video of the mini course from Hobby to business - A 5 step mindset shift for stay at home mums who want to start their own business. Are you ready?


Turn Your Hobby Into a Business - Mindshift

This 5 step mindshift online corse for stay at home mums who want to create more freedom trough business is designed to help you look at where you want to go, your idea, the support around you and who you are when you get there.


Birth your business baby, 9 months group support

Just as it is with pregnancy and babies, when starting a business there's a lot of things comming up that you never thought you would have to think about.This is a 9 months group coaching and mastermind to help you deliver your business baby into the world.


LifeSpider System

LifeSpider System™ is for you who are ready to transform personally as well as contribute to the evolution of our world.

It's for you who are willing to Expand your Universal Impact and place yourself where your uniqueness empowers others to create magnificence to our planet. LifeSpider System™ is built upon 20+ years of experience of teaching personal development, coaching thousands of clients, training hundreds of coaches and more than 30.000 hours of research in philosophy, religion, quantum physics, metaphysics phenomena and more. Finally, LifeSpider Coaching™ – with hundreds of people and trained Lifespider coaches™ to verify and prove that LifeSpider System™ delivers personal paradigm shifting results. Welcome to discover more about your Personal Paradigm Shift!

Self Leadership

The Self-Coaching Online Programme unleashes your personal power and potential. You lead yourself to success and wellbeing because you get insights about who you really are and the tools for managing the new version of you. 


Your LifeSpider

In this step you enable your LifeSpider™. This unique code identifies your true identity. With the LifeSpider™ you will find out who you really are, what you do and where you place yourself in the world. And how you can be more.


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